Receive Salvation

 I want to be saved                                                               

steps to salvation postSo, you have just made the decision to change your life and get saved. But what exactly does that mean?

 STEPS TO SALVATION                                                    


Everyone has done wrong; by falling short of God’s will. The bible calls this sin and sin separates us from God. The only way to return to God is to deal with the sin. The bible teaches us that if we admit that we have done wrong God will forgive us. Jesus’ death on the cross provides the answer to the problem of our sin.


Repentance means a change of mind. To repent is to change your mind leading to a change in lifestyle. God loves you and wants you to have a better life. He will change your life for you if, you are willing to change your mind, willing to turn from what is wrong. God will ask you to give up certain things that displease him, as they get in the way of His plan for you. Repentance is a process, but as you give up what is wrong, you will receive much more from God. 

Not only will repenting lead to forgiveness it will also lead to healing of all the broken areas in your life. 


Having faith in God is another way of saying “trusting God”, or “believing in God”. God wants you to believe in Him, to believe in His goodness and love for you, His desire to forgive you and give you a new life. That is what faith is, believing without seeing. Although you can’t see God, you can get to know him by His Spirit and through the pages of His Word, the Bible.


Water baptism is God’s appointed way in which you make your pledge to Jesus Christ. Baptism doesn’t save you but it does seal your born again experience. Through baptism God fights on your behalf and fully separates you from your old life. If you become a Christian today during one of our services make sure you get baptised as soon as you can. We hold regular baptisms, just turn up with a towel and change of clothes.



When Jesus left this earth, He promised that He would send His Spirit to be with Christians here. It is through the Holy Spirit that you will be able to live successfully as a Christian. When you become a Christian, the Holy Spirit comes to live in you but more than that, Jesus wants to fill you with His Spirit. If you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit, just ask Jesus and He wil fill you There are always trained members ready to pray for you after the service.